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Lifestyle medicine is the way to help prevent, treat and support patients with chronic disease and help them to understand that all health conditions can be managed and therefore they can enjoy improved quality of life.” title=”Wellness” temp=”Adding Life” tno=”To your Years” interval=”Years” time=”to your life” duration=”whats is Your” day=”Biological Age?” hight=”Reduce it” hightft=”today”][place_inner place_image=”399″ desc=”So… Exercise – Eat well – Stay socially Connected – Stay spiritually connected

Laugh and love more

Look after your genes there the only ones you have and the only ones
you have to pass down to your children.” title=”Detox” temp=”4-6 Weeks” tno=”Reduce toxins” interval=”Gut Issues?” time=”Bloating?” duration=”Skin Issues” day=”Acne?” hight=”Low Energy” hightft=”Fatigue”][place_inner place_image=”400″ desc=”The Shake It Professional Weight Management Program, offered by qualified Healthcare Practitioners, is designed to enable you to lose weight and keep it off with:

• Professional advice and tailored to your individual requirements, helping you overcome the obstacles of weight loss.
• An easy to follow and convenient programme with stacks of easy to make and healthy receipes.
• Practitioner Only supplements & products to measure and enhance your fat burning process.” title=”Professional Weight Loss” temp=”Fat Loss” tno=”2-3 Kgs per week” interval=”Maintain” time=”Muscle” duration=”Increase” day=”Energy” hight=”Feel” hightft=”Fantastic”][/place_outer][about_outer bg=”20″ title=”about our clinic”][about_inner about_image=”406″ abouticon_image=”403″ title=”Experienced & Professional Staff” desc=”Shane Gilroy is a Functional Health Practitioner and Acupuncturist with 17 years experience in Natural Medicine” btntxt=”Meet Our Team” btnurl=”https://snowymountainsnaturalhealth.com.au/our-team/”][about_inner about_image=”10″ abouticon_image=”17″ title=”Personalised Services for You” desc=”Our Services aim to put the enjoyment back in to creating a healthier and happier YOU” btntxt=”Our Services” btnurl=”https://snowymountainsnaturalhealth.com.au/services/”][about_inner about_image=”409″ abouticon_image=”18″ title=”Corporate Services” btntxt=”Corporate Health” btnurl=”https://snowymountainsnaturalhealth.com.au/corporate-health/”][about_inner about_image=”408″ abouticon_image=”15″ title=”Online Shop – Our Partner Zone 3 Therapies” desc=”With the convenience of shopping for health products online” btntxt=”Click Here to Shop Online” btnurl=”https://zone3therapies.com.au/store”][/about_outer][team_outer title=”meet our team”][team_inner team_image=”365″ title=”Shane Gilroy” fb_url=”#” twitter_url=”#” googleplus_url=”#” address=”Bachelor of Health Science – Acupuncture – Microcurrent – Massage – Chinese Medicine” desc=”17 Years Natural health experience”][team_inner team_image=”349″ title=”Lauren Williams” fb_url=”#” twitter_url=”#” googleplus_url=”#” desc=”Lauren Williams has 15 years experience working in Health, Wellness, Safety and Training in a variety of high-risk industries and communities” address=”Master of Science (OHS), Bachelor of Science (Psychology), Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management/Industrial Relations)”][/team_outer][client_outer][client_inner client_image=”389″ imglink=”#”][client_inner client_image=”387″ imglink=”#”][client_inner client_image=”388″ imglink=”#”][/client_outer][maxigen_blog title=”Latest news” posts_display=”3″][/vc_column][/vc_row]